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Here are just some of the fact packed, turn-key reports you’ll generate to thrill your clients.  Each report includes a business guide to make college financial plan delivery easily understood by you and your clients.


gap-64Gap Closer

Most clients discover there’s a alarming gap between the resources they’ve allocated to college, and the amount it’s really going to cost.  That’s when they panic and call you! The Gap Closer illustrates, strategy by specific strategy, how your client can close that gap.


simulator-64Monte Carlo Simulator

There are at least nine separate variables that determine whether your clients win the college funding game.  The Monte Carlo simulation considers them all when helping estimate the likelihood of achieving college savings goals.  Help a client feel confident about their existing college savings plan or your recommended enhancements to that plan.


presenter-64College Funding Plan

The Plan Developer provides well-written, authoritatively-sourced one-page strategy modules to support face-to-face “conversations” with clients about college funding strategies.  Don’t worry if you’re new to college planning!  Our Artificial Intelligence decision engine will help select from over 150 relevant strategies the best ones for your consideration.

The regulatory environment for investments and financial planning is constantly changing.  It’s not enough anymore to be content that you did right by a client today. The rules are going to change – a client can come back to you and say you didn’t provide the best advice possible. (Remember B-shares and universal life insurance policies illustrated at a 10% interest rate?)

Even though “suitability” standard of diligence may have been acceptable in the past, Dodd-Frank is pushing the entire financial services industry – including you – towards more rigorous fiduciary standards. The Plan Presenter lets you go on record ensuring you’ve disclosed all of their college funding options.  Don’t let your good faith and well-intended actions be called into question in future years because the rules have changed.


business-builder-64Marketing Resources

Your membership includes all the marketing tools you need to get new prospects in your door and existing clients returning for college planning.

Marketing Full Suite includes a complete guide to creating your college planning business, and a step-by-step interviewers’ guide giving you the confidence to deliver any college funding plan.

We developed marketing tools portfolio of client and prospect letters, ad copy for any marketing medium including postcards, letters, and email, as well as done-for-you PowerPoint seminars to present to groups of  prospective clients.

Let’s face it. Although you’re in business to help your clients meet their financial goals, it is still a business – and to survive, your business has to make money. Financial Coach4College recognizes that compelling, unique interactions with prospects is the lifeblood of any successful marketing effort. That’s why we include customizable seminar kits, template letters, marketing copy, and business planning guides as part of your membership. Better yet, our partnership team includes a practicing financial/college planner, as well as a marketing pro that’s spent her career in brand management with Fortune 500 companies. So, with such deep experience, we’re always developing and testing new materials and adding them to the system – resources that reflect the reality of the business.


profiler-2-64College Profiler

Provides your clients a one-page summary and comparison of key statistics for up to 10 colleges their students are considering.   Statistics include admission rates, average board scores, graduation rates (4-yr and 6-yr), and other key figures that illustrate how much different college options can really cost.


knowledge-64Knowledge Tools

Knowledge builds confidence. We’ve discovered that when planners feel they don’t know enough about college planning they are often reluctant to offer that advice to their clients.  So, your C4C Membership includes resources such as an Interviewer’s Guide, regular member collaboration calls, and how-to videos demonstrating best practices for developing and presenting college plans to keep you confident and in-the-know. In addition, our research team has identified hundreds of helpful documents and links that enable you to answer questions fast. You’ll also be able to access easy links to the Plan Presenter strategy modules. These well-written, extensively sourced strategy summaries provide everything you need to present planning ideas – even ones you’ve never thought about – with confidence.



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