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Open the Vault to Your Clients’ Most Precious Assets- Their Children

If you’re building a financial practice, growing an existing tax or insurance practice, or  adding value to your college planning business you know how important it is to open doors to new clients.

With all of our own attention focused on revenue it’s easy to think our clients share that focus. But the surprising truth is, they don’t. None of them think about money as much as we do. (That’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with us – nobody thinks about teeth as much as their dentist does, either.)

Have you ever sat down at a client’s office and seen an account statement on their desk and a family portrait on the wall? Which do you think your client is happier to talk about? The dry dollars and cents on the printed page? Or the warmth and love they feel for their children and grandchildren?

Clients think of their money as a mean to funding their hopes and dreams. There is a way you can leverage your prospects’ hopes and dreams and become a trusted advisor to the family by handling their financial future.

The answer lies in helping them slay one of their biggest financial dragons – paying for their children’s education. That’s how you open the vault to their most precious asset – their kids. 


College Cash Crisis

Paying for college is one of most affluent families’ biggest fears. And it’s no surprise! College costs have always been high but now they’re climbing faster than anything else in our economy, including healthcare. Figures from the College Board show that since from 1981 to 2011, private four-year tuition and fees have increased 263%. For that same period, published tuition and fees at public universities have increased even faster — 359%!

And paying for college isn’t like paying for other financial goals. If your client doesn’t have enough money to retire, well, they can just keep working a few more years. But college is different. College has a deadline. And that clock starts ticking the moment your client’s child is born.

College is also different because it’s an emotional investment. If your client hasn’t saved enough for that second home they want, well, they can just suck it up and stay at a nice hotel. But nobody wants to tell a kid who worked his heart out in high school that he can’t go the college of his choice. Nobody wants to tell a kid who worked his butt off to get into Harvard or Stanford that he can’t go.

That’s why clients are desperate for solutions. Emotional desperation, that wakes them up in the middle of the night, grabs them by the throat, and doesn’t let them go back to sleep.

Of course, “financial aid” has always been available for students who qualify. But these days, “financial aid” probably doesn’t mean what your clients think it means. Colleges still expect parents to contribute up to 47% of their “adjusted available income” and 5.64% of their “includable assets.” Students are expected to contribute up to 50% of income and 20% of their discretionary assets.

Out-an-out grants are a disappearing species. Most “need-based” aid consists mainly of work and loans. When your neighbor boasts that his “Johnny got a full ride to Stanford,” it doesn’t mean Johnny’s going for free. It usually means Johnny’s working 20 hours a week at the cafeteria and taking on a six-figure mountain of debt!

And paying for college isn’t just expensive. It’s complicated, but not complicated with Financial Coach4College. Pell Grants. FAFSA. Stafford Loans.  529 Plans are easily explained. “Expected family contribution.” Most parents don’t have a clue how to navigate through the maze of paperwork and programs that go into paying for college!

That means opportunity. Opportunity for you to be a hero. Opportunity for you to build your business by helping your clients through one of the biggest financial challenges they’ll ever face.


Have You Considered ALL College funding Strategies?

Presenting these alternatives to your clients as a deliverable product will not only calm the fears of parents, but also calms your own fears knowing that you have taken into consideration many college funding strategies.  We have TONS  OF STRATEGY OPTIONS which will automatically be identified FOR YOU with out automated intelligence.  You never know when the regulatory environment will change and having this type of disclosure will help you sleep at night.


There are 206,800 Financial Advisors and 1,216,900 Accountants. How Do You Stand Out?

We created Financial Coach4College™ to deal with the reality of today’s college funding challenge in a non-traditional way. Financial Coach4College™ is a unique easy-to-use program that lets you attract clients by adding lucrative college planning services to your business.

How many of your clients have children with college on the horizon? How many more have family, friends, and colleagues with college on the horizon?

Imagine using college planning services to attract new clients, who never would have found you if you couldn’t help them manage their biggest fear.


College Financial Planning is More Than (Just) 529 Plans

Financial Coach4College’s artificial intelligence planning system, guides and support help you navigate through alternative strategies to help you clients families make the best financial decision.

Imagine working in a competitive vacuum, with no one else trying to eat your lunch! Fidelity and Schwab offer 529 plans, but they can’t sit down and help clients make sense of “expected family contribution” formulas. Bank trust departments don’t know the first thing about college funding strategies.

And when you show clients how to slay the college funding dragon, there’s no question that they’ll come to you for the rest of their tax or financial services work.


A Complete New Service or Business: College Financial Plans– with Marketing support!

There’s no shortage of college funding programs to help your clients navigate this maze. Most of those programs give you spreadsheets in an effort to support selling one type of financial asset.  Then they try to convince you that you need to pay a large upfront fee to get an little known credential, which most clients don’t even recognize.

But Financial Coach4College™ is different.  We give you all the tools you’ll need to create a profession plan supported by strategy resources based on unbiased, well-researched facts.  These self-explanatory tools are easy to understand and coach you through preparing and selling college funding plans.  Best of all, for one low monthly fee.

You can start college planning at any level that you are comfortable with. If you’re the “dip your toe in the water” type, or ready to ramp up and get the conversation started on a positive note rather than talk about the volatility of the market or new tax laws.


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