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 ” To help you build your business by helping your clients secure the growth of their most precious asset – their children.”

Financial Coach4College™ is for the proactive financial advisor, insurance professional, CPA, EA, or college planner who wants to be set apart from the pack.  Our goal is to give you the analytical and marketing tools you need to create a “holistic” financial business built on your clients’ financial needs.  this means planning for an expense that’s top of their mind – college. And college is an expense that can derail other goals because it comes up first.

Becoming a college financial advisor will complement your accounting, insurance, and other financial businesses, adding to your expertise – and your bottom line. If you are a college planner, adding  a financial pathway to college will set you apart from other college planners.

Some of our members even add college financial planning as a lucrative “side business”. Others are using it as a way to talk with prospective clients about something near and dear to their hearts –  their children. Still others are adding the Financial Coach4College™ software presentation tool to ensure that all college funding options are disclosed – so they are not taking the chance that their good faith and well-intended actions will be called into question by clients or regulators years down the road.

College financial planning is becoming increasingly important as college costs continue to rise and clients are seeking the “not so obvious” tax and funding strategies to pay for life’s most expensive venture. As our founder, Wayne Firebaugh, CFP, confesses, he spent years watching the college funding “monkey” grow into an 800 pound gorilla. He developed Coach4College™ to help professionals like you give your clients a solution to deal with the reality of today’s college funding challenge. 529 plans can be great, but they’re just a starting point. C4C opens the door to a library of resources for structuring portfolios to maximize your clients’ college savings.

Unlike other college financial planning tools, our platform integrates with your other financial planning methods, not specifically to sell a certain type of asset. Our system is client-centered, helping clients reach their goals through myriad options based upon their individual circumstances.

Whatever your reason for adding college financial planning, we’re here to help you build and secure your business.



wayneOur Founder

J. Wayne Firebaugh, Jr., CPA, CFPR®



Wayne Firebaugh is a LEADING COLLEGE FINANCIAL PLANNING EXPERT, author and speaker on national radio broadcasts. His passion to help solve the college funding crisis led the creation of Financial Coach4College™.

He is the chair of the technical committee for the National College Advocacy Group (NCAG).  His articles on college funding have appeared in such magazines as Physicians Money Digest, the Virginia Society of CPA’s magazine Disclosures, and Physician’s Practice. Wayne has been a repeat speaker at Virginia Tech’s annual Accounting & Auditing Conference for CPA’s on the topics of retirement and college planning. He has also served as an adjunct faculty member teaching courses on investments at an area college.

He is a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Financial Planner™ practitioner, and a College Planning Specialist in southwestern Virginia. Wayne began his practice nearly fifteen years ago and now serves as the president of Wayne Firebaugh, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisory firm. He does not receive commissions from the sale of any investment or insurance products. As a fee-only planner, he provides objective advice to families looking for better ways to invest and pay for college. He provides that same thoughtful advice on his daily live radio program, Cultivate Your Financial Health.


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